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1. What is all about ?

We offer tailor-made holiday travel across the Himalayan regions of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. There are various options to choose from depending upon your interest. Trekking and hiking, cycling, cultural tours or wildlife exploration trips. We design trips suited to your requirements, it can be for individuals, couples, friends and families, schools or other interests groups. In addition to booking of land only services, you can book international flights to the destination of travel.

2. What luggage should I take? Is there a packing list ?

You will receive with your travel documents, a detailed kit list. This is a recommendation based on many years of experience and feedback from our clients. However, you could pack depending upon your individual needs as well, which you are advised to share with us prior to booking a trip.

3. What do I need for travel documents ?

You must have a passport with at least 6 months validity.

4. Do I need a visa for India, Nepal. Bhutan and Tibet ?

Yes. You will need a tourist visa to travel to India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. For Indian visa depending upon your country of origin you can apply at your nearest Indian Embassy or apply for Electronic visa clearance prior to your travel dates. For entry to Nepal you can get a Visa on arrival but in order to avoid huge queues probably better to get it in advance. For Bhutan the visa needs to be arranged through us whiand we will discuss these in detail. The Tibet visa is requested by our service team in Kathmandu. More advice is given when you book.

5. Are there any health regulations or recommended levels, which have to be fulfilled? How can I prepare accordingly ?

Depending on the route profile and duration ranging levels from easy to very sporty you could accordingly prepare yourself.

6. Can I bring my own mountain bike ?

Surely, you can. You will be responsible for the packaging of the bikes and airlines may charge you extra per kilo in addition to their baggage allowance if the total of bike and your check-in exceeds the limit. There could be extra charges for transportation while you are on trip depending upon the destination. Hence, we always recommend you rent a bike locally through us.

7. What is altitude sickness all about ?

Altitude sickness can occur when the body does not adequately adapt to unusual altitudes. The first signs mountain sickness are fatigue, headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite and dizziness and can start from approximately 2500 to 3000 meters above sea level. To minimise the effect we plan our itineraries carefully giving time to acclimatise. Drinking a lot of water avoiding alcohol and taking things slowly will all help. In an emergency descent is the only effective treatment. You can get more information here: »

8. Arrival & Departure

We are happy to book your international flights or advise on which to get. If you organise your own flight our services will begin with transfer to your booked hotel and end with the departure transfer to connect with your return flight home. The trip cost will include any local flights unless otherwise stated.

9. Which airline will I fly ?

Depending upon where you fly from we use middle-eastern Airlines such as Etihad, Qatar, Oman Air or Turkish from Europe and The Americas. For flights out of London we have option of using BA, Virgin Atlantic, Jet Airways flying into Delhi and connecting to a suitable further flight. From Australia and New Zealand we generally use connections with Singapore Airlines or Thai Air and occasionally with Qantas and Air India.

10. What about excess baggage ?

You are responsible for any excess baggage costs.

11. Will I be met on arrival ?

Yes, you will be warmly welcomed by a ‘Journeys’  representative and transferred to your hotel.

12. What services are included in a trip ?

Since all the trips are designed as per your requirements you will receive whatever has been included in your holiday. However we do leave some room for you to be flexible, for example choosing your evening meals or any optional trips for whichpay locally. Not included in the price are visa, insurance, personal expenditure such as laundry, bar bills etc. and tips.

13. Are there any additional charges ?

No, as a rule all taxes, permit fees and entrance fees are included in your trip cost.

14. How can I make myself understood in the Himalayas ?

Most of our guides, representatives speak English and are well versed with Hindi or other regional languages. Thus, the understanding should not be a problem. In Tibet, however, you will not get very far with English.

15. How can I keep in touch with home ?

All the major cities have telephone shops and internet cafes. On treks and in remote areas the connectivity still remains an issue. Your own mobile phone should work in most of India, Nepal and Bhutan except in Ladakh and Kashmir. In Tibet there is coverage most advanced 3G wireless network. In emergencies if you need to contact home our representatives/guide will assist you.

16. What about money ?

You cannot get Indian, Nepalese Tibetan or Bhutanese currency in advance. In India local currency is INR (Indian National Rupee) and major cities have ATM machines. If you are bringing foreign currency USD, EURO and GBP are easier to exchange than other currencies. In Nepal the currency is Nepalese Rupees (NPR) and again ATM machines are available in cities and USD and GBP are the best currencies for acquiring NPR. In Tibet the Chinese Yuan is used. It is advisable to bring cash in Euro or USD which can be exchanged at the many exchange offices and banks in Kathmandu, Lhasa. In Bhutan the local currency is Bhutanese Ngultaram, there are local Bank ATMs but it is better to exchange cash. USD are easier to exchange than other currencies. *For a Tibet Visa the money has to be paid in cash in USD in Kathmandu, so you will need USD if we are arranging your Tibet visa.

17. What happens if I become ill during a tour or get injured ?

You will be well looked after, in the cities good medical care is available and our guides have first aid training. You have to be insured to take part in our trips and it should include helicopter rescue.