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Journeys to Tibet

Tibat is arguably one of the most talked about region in the Western, as fascinating are the stories full of mysticism and simply incomparable memories, as have been the politics in the region. It has always been a very friendly region and exerts a tremendous attraction, yet long for most it was unattainable. No wonder there are so fabled legends as for example by the paradisiacal place – Shangri La and countless movies and reports around charismatic personality of H.H Dalai Lama.

For more adventurous types, it provides once in a lifetime mountain bike experience par excellence if doing the trans-Himalayan tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu, also giving the chance to be on top of the world viewing the North Summit of the Highest point on Earth Mt. Everest.

Our journeys also include culture and discovery holidays in the region and we are able to travel to Lhasa via Kathmandu where we spend a couple of days to get the Visas sorted before heading in a flight to Lhasa. This is more convenient and preferred route for the travellers. However Lhasa can be reached from other major airports in China like Beijing.

At the moment, all Tibat tours are running smoothly.

The scenery and the change in culture was amazing, The assistant guide was a great help.

Ron Davis, Across the Kuari La

Our tour in Rajasthan was short but unforgettable, thanks to your organisation.

Alessia & Federica - Rajasthan, India

The trek was fantastic. Have now been on three trips with your company. All fantastically well organisedÂ…Â….staff have all been brilliant and groups a good size.

Ann and Bob , Markha Valley

This was a trip of a lifetime as far as I was concerned and it lived up to all my expectations, and more. Thanks to everyone in your team.

Ian Forder - Sikkim, India
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The Road Less Travelled

Some of the classical holidays in the Indian Himalayas include Stok Kangri Trek, Markha Valley, Zanskar trek etc. On this website we offer beyond the classics holidays and go further into exploring the hidden secrets of the Indian Himalayas.

You have the option to choose from the exclusive itineraries we have selected to give you that unique experience. You pick the holiday and we customize it as per your requirements.....

There are plenty of gateways to arrive into India, Delhi being the most convinient for the North, Delhi International airport has great International flight options and strong connections via Air, Road and Rail to the destination of your interest in the Himalaya.